Biology 381 - Computational Biology

Nicholas J. Gotelli

Spring 2022


This site contains course materials, scripts, homeworks, and resources for Computational Biology, Spring 2022.

Lecture Outlines & Homework Assignments

Date Lecture Homework
January 18 Introduction -
January 19 - Homework #1
January 20 GitHub -
January 25 Github II -
January 26 - Homework #2
January 27 Regular Expressions -
February 1 Markdown -
February 2 - Homework #3
February 3 LaTeX & Typora -
February 8 Atomic Vectors I -
February 9 Portfolio Check #1 Homework #4
February 10 Atomic Vectors II -
February 15 Matrices, Lists, Data Frames -
February 16 - Homework #5
February 17 Data Curation -
February 22 Probability Distributions -
February 23 - Homework #6
February 24 Experimental Designs -
March 1 Town Meeting Day Recess -
March 2 - Homework #7
March 3 Functions -
March 8 Spring Recess -
March 9 Spring Recess -
March 10 Spring Recess -
March 15 Structured Programming I -
March 16 Portfolio Check #2 Homework #8
March 17 Structured Programming II -
March 22 Control Structures I -
March 23 - Homework #9
March 24 Control Structures II -
March 29 Control Structures III -
March 30 - Homework #10
March 31 Randomization Tests -
April 5 Batch Processing -
April 6 - Homework #11
April 7 dplyr -
April 12 ggplot I -
April 13 Portfolio Check #3 Homework #12
April 14 ggplot II -
April 19 ggplot III -
April 27 - Catch-up Day
April 21 Functional Programming -
April 26 Github III -
April 27 - Catch-up Day
April 28 Shell Commands -
May 3 Catch-up Day -
May 4 Catch-up Day -
May 5 Catch-up Day -

Important Dates

  • 24 January: Last day to add classes without instructor permission
  • 31 January: Add/Drop, Pass/No Pass, Audit Deadline
  • 4 April: Last day to withdraw
  • 22 April: Honors Day
  • 6 May: Last day of classes
  • 7,8,11 May: Reading days
  • 9,10,12,13 May: Final exam days

Meet The Class of 2022

Student GitHub and Portfolio Links Fun Fact
Maria Alfaro GitHub Portfolio I’ve lived in a tree house in Hawaii, in an ambulance at Mt Hood, and on a sailboat in the Caribbean.
Lauren Ash GitHub Portfolio While interning at Busch Gardens in Florida, I made friends with Rosie the elephant because she would sway and stare at me for hours.
Noah Beckage GitHub Portfolio I ran the Philadelphia marathon in 3 hrs 45 mins
Emily Beasley GitHub Portfolio I have baked bread as a hobby since I started my Master’s degree (my sourdough starter’s name is Julia Child)
Gillian Berglund GitHub Portfolio I have lived in Colorado, Oregon, Florida, New York and Vermont!
Lauren Berkley GitHub Portfolio Fun fact: I am trained in marine mammal stranding response!)
Sam Brewer GitHub Portfolio I collect fairy garden statues!
Lindsey Carlson GitHub Portfolio I have circumnavigated the world by ship.
Blair Christensen GitHub Portfolio I taught high school science in Spain
Grace Durant GitHub Portfolio I know the name of nearly every humpback whale that frequents Stellwagen Bank in Massachusetts.
Al Freeman GitHub Portfolio I play the banjo (terribly).
David Green GitHub Portfolio I’m 22 and I’ve thrown my back out twice
Nick Gotelli GitHub Portfolio For the past 15 years (pre-covid), I have organized musical performances at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America (New Orleans 2018).
Jacqueline Guillemin GitHub Portfolio I live with a cat that can say hello!
Jasmine Hart GitHub Portfolio My fun fact is that I’m a certified yoga instructor!
Andrew McCracken GitHub Portfolio I have broken my right foot 3 times
Stephen Peters-Collaer GitHub Portfolio I’m learning to play the mandolin
Greta Savitsky GitHub Portfolio I lived in Copenhagen for a few months
Anna Schmidt GitHub Portfolio I have a four-leaf clover collection since I find them all the time!
Reed Scott GitHub Portfolio I once got lost and ended up in Canada
Hannah Shafer GitHub Portfolio Before I moved to Vermont I was farming full-time.
Haorui Sun Github Portfolio The province I came from has around 100M population.
Rachel Swanwick Github Portfolio I used to work as a snowboard instructor
Joe Webb GitHub Portfolio I am a self taught pianist who can play a mean Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.